The week in review – some successes, some failures, and some geese butchery

I feel like I packed a lot into this week; a few highs, a few lows, and then lots of stuff in the middle.  Kind of typical, I suppose.

Despite being on vacation on Monday, I was absolutely not ready to go back to work on Tuesday.  The DC Snow Gods must have heard my desperate please, because we were blessed with a whole 6 inches of snow on Tuesday, more than enough to shut the city down and allow me to work form home.  Being able to work from the couch, in my pajamas, while having access to an endless supply of hot tea, was a definite high point.

Unfortunately, having that extra time at home, led to my biggest failure of the week.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you – the bread that did not rise.

This is supposed to be fluffy white sandwich bread.

This is supposed to be fluffy white sandwich bread.

This is a bread recipe I’ve made at least 20 times.  Every other time, prep has gone smoothly, the bread has risen on schedule, and it has baked up perfectly.  So what happened?  Well, I’m not so good at multi-tasking, and in between trying to get all my work done and make bread that by the time the bread was ready to go into the oven, it was time for us to leave for our 6:30 gym class.  Thinking I’d be smart, I popped the bread in the fridge to retard the rising and keep the yeast from growing into a giant blobby monster.  We got home from the gym, I immediately went into dinner prep, and tossed the loaf straight from the fridge to the oven.  Not exactly my best idea.  When it was time to take the bread out of the oven, and I saw this misshapen horror, I was hard pressed to keep from shedding tears.  That’s the biggest Kitchen Fail I’ve had in awhile.

I did (barely) manage to salvage the loaf by leaving it out on the counter for a few days and then turning it into breadcrumbs.

But on Wednesday, things turned around.  I had a pretty productive day at the office and was able to make it home for the 6:30 gym class being taught by my favorite trainer.  The Boo and I joined a nearby Crossfit gym back in November, and for the most part, I’m obsessed.  The workouts are fun, incredibly challenging, and are closely supervised by great trainers, so I really feel comfortable pushing myself, knowing that someone is always around to check my form.  The only part I wasn’t sold on were the complicated, frustratingly difficult Olympic weight lifts that frequently make an appearance.

Complete gibberish, as far as my body is concerned

Complete gibberish, as far as my body is concerned.  (Source.)

Until this week, nothing about cleans, jerks, or snatches made any sense.  And forget about compound movements, like the clean and jerk.  My coordination just wasn’t up for the challenge.

Then finally, unexpectedly, miraculously, my body got it.  It just clicked.  The trainer came over to check my form and told me to add weight.  This is the first time I’ve done any Olympic lift with any sort of weight on the bar.  The seas parted, angels sang, and I felt like this guy:

Fortunately, I don't also look like him

Fortunately, I don’t also look like him

So that was awesome.

And then yesterday.  Yesterday, I got to butcher some geese.


My face says it all

My face says it all

The Boo is a redneck at heart, and he gets antsy if he goes too long without hunting something.  I’ve recently come around to the belief that if I’m going to be willing to eat animals (even ones that are humanely raised), I need to be comfortable butchering my own.  I need to know where my food comes from, and that includes getting my hands dirty on occassion.  So, with the Boo’s guidance, that’s exactly what I did.

Geese butchery

Geese butchery

In the process, we scattered approximately 9,000 feathers across our apartment, but hey.  We got our goose meat.


Goose butchery completeSo that’s been my week!  I’m taking a week off from my “Making it Through Monday” series, but after I showed y’all pictures of a dead goose, you’re probably ready for a break.


5 thoughts on “The week in review – some successes, some failures, and some geese butchery

  1. El Guapo

    Congrats on a failed loaf being your biggest kitchen fail! I’ve had some epic ones over the years, personal and professional.
    And good for you on learning to butcher!
    When the zombie apocalypse comes, I want to be on your side.

    1. Erin E. Post author

      I don’t know that it’s my biggest kitchen fail, just the biggest one I’ve had in awhile! A few years ago, I tried to make risotto while also doing other things in the kitchen. It was a disaster. We had to scrap the whole batch and order pizza.

      Don’t know how useful I’d be, since I can’t actually hunt the animals. But if dead geese start falling from the sky, at least I’ll know what to do with them! I can also handle dove, though they’re almost more trouble than they’re worth (but oh so tasty once you get there).

  2. Trent Lewin

    I am okay with unrisen bread… but butchering a goose? Now you have my attention. Wow. My wife doesn’t participate in the blogosphere, but I am totally showing her this. Your enthusiasm for your work is admirable. I’m with Guapo up there, in case of disaster, I’m calling your number.

    1. Erin E. Post author

      Sheesh, y’all are making me blush over here! Really the butchering isn’t bad, especially for birds. It’s like breaking down a chicken. My goal is to be able to break down a whole pig. Now that will be an adventure!

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