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21 Things I Irrationally Love

I got out of work early today.  I think my boss felt bad for consistently showing up 30 minutes late every day this week and taking a 2 hour lunch when we’re supposed to be working busy season hours, so she let me leave at 6 instead of our usual 6:30.

I got home earlier than usual, and I should have gone to the gym.  But I’m one of those people who is rapidly turning into her mother can’t function in other areas of life if my home space is so dysfunctional.  After getting back from our honeymoon with stacks of wedding presents to open, kitchen counters to rearrange, grocery shopping to do, and hubs being sick for a full week, our apartment is a disaster zone.  So I came home tonight and did an hour’s worth of Susie Homemaker things (including picking up four – four!! – pairs of my husband’s shoes from the living room), before pouring myself a large glass of wine and settling in to write a blog post I’ve been meaning to write for a week now – a list of the 21 things I irrationally love.

When I read this post from Aussa (who stole the idea from Samara), I knew I wanted to write one of my own.  I love posts like this, because it makes my Type A personality incredibly happy (lists!  I love lists!).  I’ve spent the past week pondering things that I not only love, but irrationally love – as in, I shouldn’t love them so much, other people probably don’t understand the addition, and I might need to one day seek professional help for my attachment.  Here’s what I came up with (in no particular order).

#1. Garlic.  Not only does it keep the vampires away, it makes everything taste delicious. I haven’t gone so far as to add it to desserts, but I think it’s only a matter of time.

#2. Pens.  Sharpie pens and Papermate fine tip are my absolute favorite.  The more colors the better.

#3. My Ugg slippers.  They’re not pretty, but they are warm. And fuzzy.  And they keep me from having to walk barefoot on the hardwood, which keeps me from knowing just how dirty our floors actually are.  Win, win, win.

Ugg Meme

#4. Cheese. Not sure if this actually needs explaining, but I love cheese.  All the cheeses.  All the time.

#5. Rolling out fresh pasta. Some people call it tedious, I call it therapy, with tasty results.

#6. Labrador retrievers.  I’m a fan of all big dogs, but Labs are my favorite.  We’ve always had Labs growing up, so I’m probably biased.

A picture of our family lab, Zuko (named for Danny Zuko in Grease).

A picture of our family lab, Zuko (named for Danny Zuko in Grease), doing one of his favorite things, riding in the boat and watching the pelicans.

#7. Lysol wipes.  Can we see an OCD pattern emerging? (Don’t answer that).  The lemon scented ones are my favorite for cleaning the kitchen.

#8. The first run in a new pair of running shoes. They’re so magically bouncy! Every time I buy new running shoes I say I’m not going to wait so long to buy the next pair, and then I realize my running shoes are $130 a pair.

#9. Le Cruset.  I wish I had more money and more cabinet space, because I would purchase the entire line.  In every color.

#10. Guidebooks, and trip planning in general.  I’m one of those people who reads the guidebook cover to cover, highlights and flags the applicable chapters, and writes a daily itinerary.  I can be flexible, too I guess, but oh planning! It’s just too much fun.

#11. Fiji water.  And yes, I can taste the difference.  Just ask my new husband, who once challenged me to a bet and lost.  My winnings? A liter bottle of Fiji every day for a month.

Do they drink Fiji water in Fiji?  (image source)

Do they drink Fiji water in Fiji? (image source)

#12. Popcorn. As a college student, I ate popcorn for dinner probably twice as week.  Even now that I’m a “real person”, I still eat it for dinner at least twice a month.  It is my ultimate comfort food.

#13. Cardigans.  You can never have too many.

#14. This SNL Skit.  My best friends and I watched it in college and incorporated some of our favorite doorbells into everyday life.  For example – ding dong, wine and cheese, fancy conveys that you are impressed, while woof, bears expresses empathy with a particularly spectacular fail.  Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn’t quite understand my lingo.  Woof, bears.

#15. Traditions.

#16. Fantasy novels. Give me a book with a dragon, magic, and elves over something thought-provoking any day.

#17. Having my hair washed, cut, and styled. I religiously schedule haircuts every 8 weeks, and will plan entire weekends around my appointment. There is just something about getting a professional blowout that makes me skip down the streets. Hubs knows about these appointments weeks in advance, so he can schedule an appropriately awesome date night for me to go out and show my impeccably styled hair to the world.

#18. The periods of transition between summer and fall, and then winter and spring.  I love moving from hot into cool and from cold into warm.

#19. Fresh from the garden tomatoes.

#20.  Billy Joel.  If I had things my way, our entire wedding would have been set to his music.  Bridal processional: Uptown Girl.  Bridal party entrance to the reception: Only the Good Die Young.  First dance: Don’t Go Changin’.  Daddy-daughter dance: Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel). I got one of those (Lullabye), so I guess our wedding was a success.

#21. Hendricks martinis.  I had a dream the other night that I was at a fancy restaurant that didn’t stock Hendricks gin.  It was pretty much the worst nightmare ever.  I don’t drink liquor often, but when I do, I prefer it to be in the form of a Hendricks martini, straight up and slightly dirty.