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Life lately – with supplemental iphone photos

This week marks my one month anniversary as a productive member of society [or it did, when I started drafting this post 2 weeks ago – whoops]. After being unemployed for our first two months in Denver, my old company reached out and offered to hire me back on as a contract worker. This means that I get paid hourly, which is awesome (and virtually unheard of for an accountant during busy season), but it also means that I spend a lot of time traveling back to DC, which is a mixture of good and bad.

In general, airline travel is not my favorite thing ever. I tolerate it, because it’s a means to an end; usually because it’s the only way to get me over the Atlantic and into Europe in a timely manner. Traveling for work has the redeeming quality that it means I’m getting paid to sit on a moving germ box, but I really wish Frontier airlines wasn’t the only provider of a direct flight between Denver to DC.

What even is this? (A tray table for ants?!) I don’t mind a reduction in amenities, having to pay for drinks, or even being charged to carry on my bag. But, come on Frontier – would it have killed you to build in decent size tray tables? I can’t do work in these conditions! Good thing I’m getting paid to sit here, regardless.

Traveling does have its perks, most importanly, that I get reimbursed for all my hotel and food expenses, which means my Starbucks addition is back in full force. Sometimes, they even spell my name right. But not usually.

“Erin” is too boring for the hip baristas. Let’s spice it up with a trendy spelling!

Also, on snow days, I order room service. I would never pay for it with my own money, but if someone else is picking up the tab, all bets are off. Because snow days and pants don’t mix.

Cost of crab cake sandwich in the hotel restaurant: $17. Cost of same crab cakes, delivered to my room: $29.

On days when I’m being less indulgent, I get to satisfy my other addition – Whole Foods. When booking hotels in DC, I do by best to choose ones in proximity to Whole Foods because their salad bar is my jam. Eating out constantly is almost guaranteed to pack on the pounds, so I do my best to eat as many veggies as possible to offset the other things I eat like, ahem, room service crab cakes. Give me a salad and a Fiji water to eat from my hotel room bed (because eating in bed really doesn’t get old, does it?) and I’m all set for the evening.

Fiji water is my favorite water (and don’t think I can’t taste the difference – because I can)

On to something that actually involves me burning calories, rather than consuming them. I absolutely love Denver, but nothing beats my old running route in DC. In just under an hour, I can circle all the highlights – the White House, Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, and Lincoln. DC does a lot of things I don’t agree with, but I will never dispute that the monuments (excepting the most recent instillation) are beautifully done.

A few weekends ago, by sheer coincidence, I was in DC at the same time that the Travel and Adventure show was taking place at the Convention Center. When I saw who was speaking there, I squealed (and I am not a squealer). Rick Steves, my favorite travel writer was giving not one, but TWO talks on Sunday and tickets were only $7 for the whole day! I don’t have a lot of celebrity idols, but Rick is definitely in my top 10. I have several of his travel books and he’s completely changed the way Americans experience Europe. After his first talk, I waited in line to get his autograph, and I warned my husband that we’d be hanging this on the wall.

That destination on the cover? Been there! It was incredible. Those stairs are no joke.

Back in Denver, my husband and I tried to squeeze a lot of skiing into a very short amount of time. Ski season is drawing to a close, and we’re trying to make our decision of where to buy season passes for next year. I think we’ve decided on the Rocky Mountain Super Pass, but we wanted to try a few other mountains just to make sure. Plus, when else is it acceptable to dress up like Hannibal?

After all that eating out I do during the week, I was really excited to get back home and be able to cook a few meals for my poor hubby, who usually survives on pasta and marinara sauce and/or cashew butter and jelly sandwiches while I’m gone. I’ve been drooling over variouszoodlerecipes from the Foodie Bride for a few months now, and I finally broke down and ordered a sprializer. I was too excited to read the directions, but assembly was easy enough for my husband and I was very pleased with my zoodle results. My husband, however, was more interested in the suspicious looking by-product.

And on that charming note, I think it’s time to wrap up this post. I’m back in DC for a few weeks (counting down the days until April 15th), then it’s time for a beach vacation with my family. That place is just good for my soul, and I can’t wait.