Well, it’s that day of the week again. How was your weekend? Ours was pretty uneventful, which is just how we like it. Along with the usual routine of gym, laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning, we made a short trip over to the Iwo Jima memorial, which Adam hadn’t visited before.

Iwo Jima/Monument

It was a cold but beautiful day. The USMC Memorial borders Arlington Cemetery, so I feel like it usually gets overlooked. But it’s a powerful site and shouldn’t be missed, especially if you’re already visiting the Cemetery. 

Iwo Jima - Shadow

I hadn’t been to the memorial since I was in DC for a high school trip, so I’m glad we went out to see it before we move. We only have a month to check everything off our DC must-see list; then we’re out of here!

Mondays are usually pretty rough, but today’s not so bad because of the short week! How excited are y’all for THANKSGIVING?!?! As you can tell, I can’t wait. It’s hard to go wrong with a day centered around eating, drinking, and a giant parade. Usually, it’s just Adam and I and entirely too much food. This year, though, it’ll be us and two of our best friends, and still entirely too much food. I predict great times and great naps ahead.

Here are some of my favorite things from around the interwebs! Click the link to be taken to the image source.

Favorite unique gift: duck fat caramels. Color me intrigued. These sound delicious – perfect for the person who avoids overly sweet desserts. Definitely not for everyone, but I’d love to try them!

Duck Fat Caramels


Favorite photo: Autumn in Aomori. I adore the fall foliage; ours here seems to have come and gone in the blink of an eye, with the temperatures in the 20s we’ve been having. Where did fall go?!

Autumn in Aomori - Nat Geo


Favorite splurge: Menara bed from Anthropologie. Adam and I are still sharing the double bed I’ve had since college, which is sliiiightly less than ideal. We’re in the market for a queen size bed, and if we happen to win the lottery any time soon, my vote is for this one. I showed it to Adam, who shrugged. He loves it, clearly.

Menara Bed - Anthropologie


Favorite lounge: fair isle knit leggings. I received these leggings as a “stay warm” present from my mother a week ago, and ever since, if I’m not at work or the gym, I’m wearing these. I wore them for 3 nights, washed them, pulled them out of the dryer, and put them right back on. They are so comfortable and make me happy, even when the sun sets at 4:45.


Favorite treat: Dutch butter cake from kevinandamanda.com. Yum. That’s all I can say. It looks  gooey and rich and insanely delicious. And only four ingredients! I need this in my life.


Favorite fashion: black and white outfit from Esther fromthesticks. I recently discovered Esther’s blog and proceeded to spend an entire day reading through her archives (sorry, Boss Man). She is so talented at all the things – fashion design, sewing, crafting, painting, photography, modeling – and she’s only 19! We’re not going to talk about the things I was doing when I was 19, but it certainly didn’t involve running an incredible blog and designing gorgeous clothes.


Favorite sparkle: Night Lounge Studs by Kate Spade. I have a few pairs of Kate Spade studs I snapped up when they went on sale last year and I wear them all the time. The older I get, the more I gravitate towards simple jewelry that I can wear with everything. These are just the right amount of fancy without being too much for daytime wear.


Favorite learn: When Thanksgiving Was Weird from NPR. Apparently, just over 100 years ago, Americans treated Thanksgiving like a second, even more popular,  Halloween. Rather than sitting around a table full of food, people dressed up in costumes and roamed the streets, asking for apples, pennies, or other candy. Who knew?! This article is a fascinating look at how drastically our observance of Thanksgiving has changed, in a relatively short amount of time.

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