Honeymoon updates, in picture form.

As you may have guessed from my extended absence, the new hubs and I are still honeymooning. We’ve now been in the US Virgin Islands for 12 days; we’ll be here for another 3, and then we’ll spend a few days driving up I-95 from Florida back to DC. Add that all up and you get a full three weeks of honeymoon time (it’s a good thing we like each other). I had to take an unpaid leave of absence from work; he has 25 days of paid vacation a year and thus is getting paid to sit on the beach drinking daiquiris. Lucky bastard.

Although now that we’re married, it’s share and share alike, so I guess I’m pretty lucky too.

I don’t have any more wedding photos (they’re coming, I promise!), but I do have a few vacation iPhone photos to share with you in the meantime. I know it seems cruel to share pictures of sunshine and beaches while 98% of the country is buried under several layers of snow and ice, but…sorry. I don’t have anything else of substance to post about!

Also, I didn’t bring a computer and typing a full post on my iPhone is so out of the question.

Therefore, I give you another cop out photo post.

20140305-202457.jpg I took this picture while we were eating lunch at a nearby drive bar/Caribbean restaurant, Latitude 18. Adam had the shark bake (in West Indies food a “bake” is a kind of fried bread thing that in this instance was used as sandwich bread for fried shark meat). Neither of us had ever eaten shark before, but it was delicious, as are most things freshly fried. I liken the shark to skate (a stingray-looking fish), if that helps you at all. For my lunch, I ordered the vegetable roti, which was insanely good. If there’s one cuisine that is like to become more comfortable with, it’s Indian. The required spices can be hard to come by, but with the internet, I really don’t have an excuse. If you know of a good Indian cookbook for beginners, please let me know! Sadly, the view from our lunch table was so pretty that I forgot to take a picture of the food.

20140305-202523.jpg Here’s a dish that I did remember to photograph. Duffy’s is famous on the island for being a big party bar located in a parking lot. Surprisingly, they also have excellent conch fritters. It might be considered a tourist trap by some, but it’s definitely one I didn’t mind being caught in (please excuse the grammar, I’m on vacation). The music was good and loud, bartenders were friendly and helpful, and bushwackers (it’s a frozen drink, get your mind out if the gutter) were strong and tasty.

We’ve been doing a lot of drinking. I mostly stick to beer, since sweet fruity cocktails give me brain freeze and a stomach ache, but my sweet-loving husband is in daiquiri heaven.

The best thing about the condo we’re renting is the view from the porch. Lots of mosquitos share the porch with me, but I continue to brave the blood sucking monsters for views like this.

This picture was taken at Cinnamon Bay, St. John. On Thursday, we were sunscreened-up and out of the house by 6:45 to catch a boat for a day cruise around the islands. The boat broke down just after we pulled out of the marina, so we were back to the dock by 8:15 with a whole day ahead of us. We decided to take the 9AM ferry over to St. John, which was an excellent decision. Something like 85% of the island has been preserved as a natural park, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Cinnamon Bay doesn’t have condos or a beach resort, just campgrounds and a small restaurant. It was divine. Not that I’d be an enthusiastic camper (I prefer my bathrooms inside and nearby for easy nighttime access), mind you, but I admire all the people who were!

Side note, if anyone has sightseeing or eating suggestions for Savannah, GA or Richmond, VA, I’d love to hear them! The hubs and I have decided to do one night stop-overs in those cities to break up our drive back to DC (mostly to save our new marriage from the trials of a 16+ hour car ride).

Well, only 3 days left on our honeymoon – I’d better get to the beach while I can!

5 thoughts on “Honeymoon updates, in picture form.

    1. Erin E. Post author

      Thank you, sir! The last few days have been pretty rainy – not great for pictures but definitely perfect for staying inside and going through a few bottle of wine and some good books.

    1. Erin E. Post author

      Thank you! The cruise to nowhere was pretty interesting – barely out of the marina and the boat engine propeller just falls off. It made a big loud noise, so we stopped. The first mate jumped in the water to see if we’d hit anything, and surprise! No prop. We limped back to the marina and the company let us rebook for the same cruise the next day on a different boat. It was quite fun!

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