Hey y’all!  How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty uneventful, but it seemed to fly by.  Saturday I worked for a few hours, then got my act together and filed my taxes.  I’m losing all my deductions next year (thank you, marriage tax penalty!), so I wanted to make sure to take advantage of them this year.  Result – $3k refund that’s going straight to my IRA.  Sigh.  Being responsible is boring, but at least I know I’ll have something saved for retirement.

Sunday we grocery shopped, went to Crossfit, and then I spent the afternoon preparing meals for this week.  We’re officially less than 2 weeks away from my wedding date, and I’m trying to get through this week with as little stress as possible.   I’m now having wedding nightmares practically every night, and I don’t think I’d be able to sleep at all if it weren’t for my yogi stress relief tea.  But hey!  This time 14 days from now, I’ll be on a plane to the U.S. Virgin Islands.  It’s all uphill from here, baby.

Enjoy these entertaining links from around the web and have a great week!

Best strategic move: CVS to Stop Selling Tobacco Products.  Despite estimating a $2 billion loss in revenues, CVS has announced that it will phase out sales of tobacco products in all of its 7,600 pharmacies by October 1.  A store that claims to help keep people healthy will stop selling things that kill them.  Seems like a no brainer, but it’s a pretty gutsy move, given all the revenue they’re set to lose.  I’ve never had much allegiance when it comes to drug stores, but I can tell you I’ll be making more of an effort to give CVS my business come October 1.

(Image Source)

(Image Source)

Going from the rational to the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I give you – my new favorite dress.   Very few of the dresses from the Valentino Spring 2014 collection are actually wearable in real life (unless you like showing off your – ahem – everything along with your good fashion sense), but I still adore the high-fashion, romantic element of these gowns, and this one is my favorite.  It’s a little cheeky (like Eve has made friends with the snake), a little sexy, and a whole lot of sophisticated.  If I ever win the lottery, this is definitely on my list of items to purchase.



Valentino Snake Dress


Most scenic resort: Bitter End Yacht Club, BVI.  This place has been recommended to us by several different sources, making it high on our list to visit during the honeymoon.  I’m all about the ocean-side spa treatments, Adam’s all about the excellent scuba diving, and we’re both about sipping drinks and taking in that view.

Bitter End Yacht Club


Adam and I never really celebrated Valentine’s Day before, and we certainly won’t now that our wedding anniversary will be February 22nd, but these DIY cards are cheesy and cute – what I think the holiday should be all about.  Puns get me every time!

DIY Valentine's Cards - Real Simple

Favorite house accent – under the stair nook.  I just love how cozy and rustic this space is.  It looks like a great place to curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee and just escape for a few minutes.  My favorite detail is the golden deer head; where do people find this stuff?

Southern Season Idea House under the stair nook


Cutest kitchen frivolity that I want but absolutely don’t need – Ceramic Animal Egg Cups.  I would eat a three-minute egg every morning for breakfast if I a.) had the time, and b.) could eat it out of that polar bear.  Or the otter.  Or the lion.

Ceramic Egg Cups

Did someone say cookies for breakfast?!  Please and thank you!  We all know I’m a fan of healthy, make-ahead breakfasts, and these look like they fit the bill.  Mmmm, I bet these would be great with coffee and a glass of almond milk.

Breakfast Cookies Recipe


7 thoughts on “Making it through Monday – a company doing the right thing, a scenic resort, and cookies for breakfast

  1. El Guapo

    I think I saw a blurb about Congress wondering if it wasn’t time to try and do away with cigarettes altogether. Interesting idea, but I doubt it would ever fly.

    Would eating from those egg cups make it feel like you were eating brains?
    And would that make the eggs tastier? 😉

  2. Aussa Lorens

    I think it’s pretty cool what CVS is doing. Cigarettes are banned where I work– you can’t smoke anywhere on property, not even in your car, but they just passed a policy today that says you will be sent home if you even SMELL like cigarette smoke. I’m not a smoker, never have been, but doesn’t that seem a little weird for an employer to be able to enforce? Sorry, tangent.

    Anyways, wedding countdown, huzzah! The Virgin Islands… ah that sounds so amazing right now from my kingdom of ice.

    1. Erin E. Post author

      Most universities down here have banned smoking inside campus buildings and 100 yards of all building entrances. I don’t know of any jobs that ban their workers from SMELLING like cigs though. It’s well-intentioned, I think (have you ever gotten into an elevator with someone coming back from a smoke break – yuck), but a little creepy on the enforcement side. Wouldn’t you hate to be the person in charge of sniffing your coworkers?

      To be honest, I can’t even get excited about the honeymoon because my brain won’t accept the fact that there is such a thing as Life After Wedding. I just need to make it through the ceremony without tripping over my dress or forgetting the wedding ring, and I’ll be ok!

      1. Aussa Lorens

        Aw, you’ll totally make it through! Don’t listen to those bad dreams, they lie. And if dreams are in fact then true then we all need to watch out because according to my Saturday Night the entire world will soon be covered in water 😉

  3. Trent Lewin

    I love your photos… I thought the CVS thing was a joke, they don’t sell cigs in pharmacies up here. Seems highly contradictory – making money making people sick and getting them healthy.

    I didn’t know you were getting married – congratulations!

    1. Erin E. Post author

      It should be illegal, but sadly, the tobacco industry has far too large of a voice in the Capitol. I’m hoping that CVS receives enough of a PR boost to offset the loss of sales and other drugstores follow suit.

      Thanks! The wedding is 11 days away, and I’m alternating between extremely excited and unbelievably nervous.


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