After last night’s big game, I imagine there’s not a whole lot of you being productive at work today.  In between football chit-chat in the breakroom, I hope you enjoy links of things that are occupying my thoughts this week.

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies from Bakerella.  OMG, these are good.  We whipped up a batch of these babies Thursday night and I forced the Boo to take them to work on Friday.  I had to get them out of the house. I have zero self control when it comes to chocolate chip cookies to begin with, then you add an Oreo in there? Trouble, trouble, trouble.

Source: Bakerella

Source: Bakerella

This list of adorably awkward mutts.  Say hello to the Cheagle, aka the cutest small dog ever.  I’m not normally a little yap-yap dog kind of girl (if it can fit in a purse, it’s not a real dog), but I would absolutely make an exception for this guy. Those ears! I can’t handle it.

Chihuahua and beagle mix - not sure this guy could be any cuter

Chihuahua and beagle mix – not sure this guy could be any cuter

Landmannalaugar, Iceland.  A few years ago, I read a murder mystery book set in Iceland.  Ever since, visiting Iceland has been on my radar.  Now that Icelandair is offering direct, 6-hour flights from DC to Reykjavik, it’s entirely feasible for us to travel there for a long weekend.  I have to admit, I don’t know a lot about the country, but every image I find is breathtakingly gorgeous. If it’s that beautiful in pictures, I can’t imagine what it’s like in real life.


This very concerned cat.  Every time I see this meme, I giggle hysterically.

Soy milk cat

Disney Princesses in Accurate Period Costume.  I love all things Disney, including this list.  When I was 6, I wanted to change my name to Jasmine.  My parents refused, but (somehow) I love them anyway.  This list only reaffirms my belief that Jasmine is the best Princess of them all (with Mulan as a close second).

She has a pet tiger.   Not sure it gets more badass than that.

She has a pet tiger. Not sure it gets more badass than that.

Beach vacation must-have: this bright pink wrap dress from Lilly Pulitzer.  For our honeymoon (in 3 weeks!), we’re spending 2 weeks in the US Virgin Islands.  I think this dress would be just the thing for nice dinners on the beach; easy, effortless, and forgiving (important when you’re spending days on the beach gulping down fruity beverages with cutesy umbrellas).

Whitaker wrap dress

For dinner this week: Peanut Butter and Kale Fried Rice by Connoisserus Veg.  Kale.  Peanut butter.  A vehicle for Sriracha Rice.  All the things.  I picked up 3 pounds of kale from Trader Joe’s this week (seriously, 3 pounds – I couldn’t eat too much kale if I tried), and can’t wait to try this.

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    1. Erin E. Post author

      Well thanks! I’m still kind of finding my voice, I suppose, but I’m really enjoying the process. It definitely helps to have found a strong group of writers (I’m looking at you, sir) for inspiration.


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